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I'm Dickens He's FensterConsidering that, you look pretty good for your age.

This is where you can find out the latest on the progress of the I’m Dickens He’s Fenster DVD project. Have a few laughs. Talk amongst yourselves. (That’s what “Comments” are for. Please leave yours below!) Watch videos of Dickens and Fenster creator Leonard Stern (Get Smart, McMillan & Wife, The Honeymooners, Sgt. Bilko) and the people in the trenches making the DVD. For more background ad naseum (screen guard optional) on the history of the show, please also see our website, .

You’ll find snippets of this historical info on other pages of this blog, but the main purpose here is to keep you up to date on future DVD developments. If you’re nosy and want to be first to know what we’re doing, just drop your email in the box at right. You’ll receive updates on the production of the DVD as well as sneak preview clips from classic episodes of the show. Just for being smart enough to sign up, you’ll get even smarter. We’ll also give you an Mp3 download of an exclusive interview with Leonard Stern that’ll give you the inside scoop on one of the funniest and critically acclaimed TV shows ever cancelled .  Once again, welcome …and stay tuned!!

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  1. Suldog says:

    I am now officially THRILLED! I loved this show when I was a kid, and have searched in vain for another look at it. Now I find out that it will be coming out on DVD. This makes me extremely happy. I’ve signed up for the newsletter, and when it is officially released, you can rest assured I’ll give it a huge write-up on my blog.

    Truly, I’m psyched!

  2. Wayne Younkins says:

    There is a God! I still remember some of the gags from this show. I was a kid at the time. I loved the “Kate vs. The Kitchen” gags. I remember Kate pulling out the Bread Board from under the counter and then getting a good grip and pulling it out about 6 feet. She explains that Harry made it for French Bread. Never mind where this thing goes when put away.

  3. howie says:

    OK… so a S1/V1 release has been announced. This is a 32 episode series. Why not the whole thing at once? Is the 16 episode S1/V2 to “test the waters” and see if it’s worth releasing S1/V2?

  4. bob sinclair says:

    This show changed the building industry in Australia in the sixties, John had a gadget holding his hammer which none of us could work out what it was, after several episodes we eventually got a decent look at it, it was just a hook readily available on the market today, but we spent several hours trying to duplicate it with a brick tie, eventually getting it the right size and shape, within weeks almost every carpenter had made one for his own nail bag. Shortly after the hook was sold in hardware stores.
    Looking forward to the release unfortuneately most of the old carpenters who loved this show are no longer around, and only a few of us now in our sixties remember it.

  5. bricklayer says:

    Hi Bob
    Great to hear that this show has spanned the world!! We are looking to bring out the DVD this fall.

  6. bricklayer says:

    No Howie — we think the whole is worthy of release, but we need you fans to buy a LOT of S1/V1 to fund the production of S1/V2 !! So tell all your friends to come and sign up for our mailing list!!

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